Evildead releases The Underworld

The Underworld is Evildead's second album.

It was released on March 4, 1991 on Steamhammer. The album was the band's last studio album before their thirteen year breakup from 1995 to 2008. While the album was a mild success, it did not maintain the same popularity as Annihilation of Civilization, likely due to its release coinciding with the advent of the grunge era, which ultimately resulted in a dramatic decline in the popularity of heavy metal in general. This would be their final album with founding vocalist Phil Flores (who left in 1993) and their only featuring guitarist Dan Flores (though he would stay in Evildead until their breakup and played on their 1994 demo EP Terror), bassist Karlos Medina (who also left in 1993) and drummer Doug Clawson (who left not long after the album was released).