Iraq Agrees to a Soviet Proposed Cease-Fire Agreement

On February 22, 1991, Iraq agreed to a Soviet-proposed cease-fire agreement.

The agreement called for Iraq to withdraw troops to pre-invasion positions within six weeks following a total cease-fire, and called for monitoring of the cease-fire and withdrawal to be overseen by the UN Security Council. The Coalition rejected the proposal but said that retreating Iraqi forces would not be attacked, and gave twenty-four hours for Iraq to begin withdrawing forces. On February 23, fighting resulted in the capture of 500 Iraqi soldiers. On February 24, British and American armoured forces crossed the Iraq/Kuwait border and entered Iraq in large numbers, taking hundreds of prisoners. Iraqi resistance was light, and only 4 Americans were killed. However, on February 25, 1991, Iraqi troops launched a missile at a Coalition barracks in Dharan, Saudi Arabia. The missile attack killed 28 American reservists.