FDA Approves Sanofi Aventis's Nicoderm CQ

Helping you to quit smoking. Nicoderm CQ Patch is a smoking deterrent. It works by providing low levels of nicotine, which may help you to quit smoking by lessening physical signs of withdrawal symptoms.

You want to stop smoking. But your body and your brain are used to having a steady supply of nicotine. When you quit, nicotine withdrawal symptoms will set in, causing intense cravings. And no wonder. Smoking stimulates chemicals in your brain that improve mood, artificially enhancing awareness and concentration. It even increases the level of some hormones, including adrenaline.

This is why quitting is so tough. And the reason most cold turkey quitters fail. It's also why NicoDerm CQ with SmartControl has helped so many smokers quit for good.

NicoDerm CQ is a nicotine patch that's a form of Therapeutic Nicotine, which means it provides nicotine to your system. The patented SmartControl technology helps provide a controlled release of nicotine for 24 hours at a slower, less intense pace than cigarettes. It works as a temporary aid to help you quit smoking by reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms until your body no longer needs nicotine.

USES: This medication is used as an aid to stop smoking. It is most effective when used in conjunction with a stop smoking program.

HOW TO USE: The patch should be applied to a clean, dry, non-hairy area on the trunk or upper arm. Check with the manufacturer's patient instruction sheet for specific recommended areas of patch application. If necessary, clip hair from the site prior to applying the patch. Remove the patch from the package, peel off the protective strip and immediately apply it to the site. Press firmly for 10 to 20 seconds to make sure the patch stays in place. Be sure the edges are held firmly to the skin. Wash your hands after applying the patch. Different brands of nicotine patches vary in the length of time the patch is left on the skin (e.g., for 24 hours or only while awake). Consult your doctor or pharmacist regarding your specific patch and your condition (including cravings, vivid dreams etc.). Remove the patch carefully and dispose of it properly. Apply each new patch to a different area to prevent skin irritation. Do not suddenly stop using this medication without your doctors approval. Your dose may need to be gradually decreased. You must stop smoking before using the patches and continue not to smoke while using this medication.

NicoDerm, also known as NicoDerm CQ (short for Committed Quit or Committed Quitter) is a branded over the counter palliative nicotine replacement therapy used to minimize the withdrawal effects involved in quitting smoking.