The Smashing Pumpkins release Lull

Lull is an EP released in 1991 by The Smashing Pumpkins.

"Rhinoceros" was taken from Gish (but the feedback ending is cut here), "Blue" later appeared on Pisces Iscariot and a live version of "Slunk" later appeared on Vieuphoria and its soundtrack album Earphoria.

"Bye June" is a 1989 recording from the Reel Time Studio Sessions, originally released on the Moon demo.

The liner notes include partial lyrics for the song "Obscured", written in cake frosting like the album cover. The song would eventually be released as a B-side on the single for "Today" in 1993 and then on the B-side collection Pisces Iscariot in 1994. "Obscured" was originally intended by Billy Corgan to be on Lull but was dropped for reasons that are unclear.

In the liner notes for Pisces Iscariot, Corgan wrote:

"Obscured is old because it was originally supposed to be on the lull e.p* which was really supposed to be a single but they tricked me."