"The Stranded" - Season 3 Episode 10 of Seinfeld First Airs

"The Stranded" is the twenty-seventh episode of the sitcom Seinfeld.

The episode was the tenth episode for the show's third season. It aired on November 27, 1991. The episode was originally produced for Season 2 but was postponed because of the beginning of the 1991 Gulf War.

The episode was written by Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld and Matt Goldman and was directed by Tom Cherones. Besides the usual cast, other actors in the episode include: Michael Chiklis, Bobbi Jo Lathan, and Marcia Firesten.

Plot Summary:

The episode begins with Jerry and George at a drug store to purchase medicine where the cashier short-changes George ten dollars, which leads him into an argument with the cashier until the security guard takes him away. George gets invited to a party on Long Island and brings Elaine and Jerry with him. Jerry and Elaine have a bad time stuck in boring conversations, and Elaine confronts a woman because of her fur coat.

When a co-worker starts coming on to George, he strands Jerry and Elaine at the party, leaving them to wait for a very tardy Kramer. As a sign of gratitude for allowing him and Elaine to wait at his home, Jerry suggests the hosts stop by his apartment if they are ever in New York.

Weeks later, to Jerry's surprise, the male host takes him up on his offer just as Jerry's heading out the door. Jerry allows him to wait in the apartment until his return. However, Kramer stops by and he and the host have some drinks and laughs. Eventually they hire a prostitute over to Jerry's apartment. Jerry and George meet at the drug store where they speak about George's coworker whom he slept with after the party. Then after Jerry picks a medicine George puts it in his shirt under his jacket as retribution for the short-changing incident before. The security guard catches him and takes him away, presumably to jail.

Later, the host checks out of the apartment without paying just as Jerry returns. As Jerry tries to pay the girl so she'll leave, cops arrive and he's "busted" for fomenting prostitution. Elaine prepares to squabble with the prostitute over her fur coat. In the final scene Jerry and George reminisce about their time in jail.