Operation Desert Storm

In 1991 The American President, then George H. Bush, took the mission from protecting Saudi Arabia from expelling Iraq from Kuwait.

America had been building in for the war since the invasion in July of 1990 of Kuwait by Iraq.

America had permission to set up camps in Saudi Arabia and protect Saudi Arabia from Saddam Hussein from advancing further from Kuwait into Saudi Arabia. The Americans technology proved too advanced for the Iraqi army. The American pilots bombed Baghdad defense bases with exact precision.

When America did advance into Kuwait they met very little resistance from the Iraqi army. Those in Iraqi’s army that were still there were killed or taken prisoner with little resistance. America successfully drove Iraq out of Kuwait and crippled the Iraqi army. America made one huge mistake and that was leaving Saddam Hussein in power.

-Come with all you will and come as quick as you can.”

— King Fahd requesting help from America after the Kuwait Invasion by Iraq