Financier Norman Hsu Found Riding in Car with Known Gangsters

In the early hours of August 28, 1990, Foster City Police stopped a car for making an illegal turn.

In the back seat, they found a frightened Norman Hsu. In the front were Raymond Chow and two associates.

Hsu told police he had been kidnapped.

"There was a 12 hour ordeal where there was discussions, arguments. Mr. Hsu claims he was assaulted several times and threatened," said Capt. Matt Martell, Foster City Police Department.

Hsu told police he had business dealings with Chow and there was a dispute over money.

"And what that dollar amount was, different dollar amounts ranged between $300,000 and a $1 million worth of claims," said Capt. Martell

Chow says Hsu lied, and claims it was Hsu who called him for help that night because he owed people money.

"I met him because he was in trouble, and at that time, I helping him out a lot," said Chow. "The way he told me, I mean, he being extortion, he being a lot of people tried to hurt him.