Noel and Tucker of Fairfield Greenwich Group Invest $1.5 million with Madoff to Begin 20-Year Relationship

Madoff is introduced to Jeffrey Tucker and Walter Noel, partners in Fairfield Greenwich Group, an investment firm located in Greenwich, Conn.

In July 1989, Noel and Tucker give Madoff $1.5 million to manage and follow up the in January 1990 with an additional $1 million. In November 1990, Fairfield Greenwich starts the Fairfield Sentry Limited Fund, its $4 million entirely managed by Madoff. "Once they created Fairfield Sentry to invest exclusively with Madoff, that is when things really started to accelerate," recalls Sherry Cohen, Walter Noel's former assistant.

His strengths are that he was very, very presentable. He's tall, very distinguished-looking. And he had a nice voice for the most part. And he looked like a real Southern gentleman. Not too much of a drawl. In fact, virtually no drawl at that point.

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