King Fahd mediates meeting with Iraq and Kuwait

Osama Bin laden had preached Saddam Hussein was an evil tyrant.

Osama believed Saddam, Iraq’s leader, had intentions on Kuwait and Saudi Arabia’s oil supply. Osama Bin laden believed and feared correctly that Saddam Hussein would invade Kuwait and leave Saudi Arabia very vulnerable with this invasion. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are n neighbor countries. Reports coming out of Saudi Arabia were the population of Saudi Arabia was about fourteen million the same as Iraq. The prince of Saudi correctly estimated the real population of Saudi Arabia was around 5 million.

On July 31, 1989 King Fahd mediated a meeting with Iraq and Kuwait. Saddam calculated Kuwait was over producing oil which was driving down prices and also had a dispute over invaluable oil field borders between Kuwait and Iraq. These talks quickly fell apart. Fewer than 2 days later Iraq invaded Kuwait.