al-Qaeda holds its first recruitment meeting

With the withdrawal of The Soviet Army many thought the war was over.

However, a few of the Afghan Communist Party kept fighting. In March 1989 Osama Bin Laden was still in Afghanistan with his Arab army. Highly untrained and few in number they were there under jihad protecting The Muslim faith.

Osama’s men went to battle with 5 to 7 thousand Afghan mujahideen against 8 other commanders besides Osama and their men. The mujahideen quickly fell back with a counter attack and Osama Bin laden and his 2oo men occupied a cave outside of the city.

Eighty Arabs did die in the Arab Afghan Experience. It was shortly after this experience that Osama Bin Laden held its first recruitment meeting for al-Qaeda. New recruits filled out forms in triplicate and signed their oath to Osama Bin Laden. In return single members earned $1,000 a month while married members earned $1500 a month. There was a healthcare plan and a buy out option. Al-Qaeda presented itself as an attractive employment opportunity. Al-Qaeda was off and running

- To establish the truth, get rid of evil, and establish an Islamic nation”

— Osama Bin Laden