Soviet Invasion ends in Afghanistan

- There is not a single Soviet soldier or officer left behind me. ”

— General V. Gromov, the commander of Soviet Forces

On February 15, 1989 the last of the Red Army from Russia withdrew from Afghanistan. The Afghanistan people had prevailed against this Superpower. This crippling blow to The Soviets was the beginning of the end of their reign as a superpower and left The US as the last standing superpower and many around the world viewed The United States as the New World Police.

Many Countries and many countries resources contributed to the withdrawal of The Soviets. It was The American missile that shot down the Soviets planes that turned out to be the deciding factor.

Muslims from around the world saw this attack by Russia in Afghanistan as an attack on Muslims. Many Muslim extremists saw this as an opportunity to come together for Allah and let Sharia law, Muslim Law, govern the world. From this al-Qaeda was born and Osama Bin Laden would soon be a targeting The United States as the last standing Superpower.