Carcass release Symphonies of Sickness

Symphonies of Sickness is the second album by the British extreme metal band Carcass.

It was released through Earache Records in December 1989.

The band's style progressed since Reek of Putrefaction. The sound became more characteristic of death metal, Bill Steer's guitar technique improved, Jeffrey Walker's bass and vocals became much more prominent in the mix and Ken Owen changed his style of drumming completely, implementing a new style of double-bass drumming absent from the band's earlier offerings.

In February 2009, Symphonies of Sickness was ranked number 4 in Terrorizer's list of essential European grindcore albums.

The original CD release contained 16 bonus tracks taken from the Reek of Putrefaction album. Some editions also contain Genital Grinder II and Hepatic Tissue Fermentation from the Pathological compilation. The album was reissued in 1996 with a censored outer cover proclaiming "Original artwork contained inside". It was later reissued in 2008, as part of reissuing of all of Carcass' albums to tie in with their reunion. This version included the demo Symphonies of Sickness as bonus tracks on one side of a dualdisc, while the DVD side featured the second part of an extended documentary titled The Pathologist's Report Part II: Propagation. Later editions of this reissue contain the songs on a CD and the documentary on a separate DVD. This reissue was presented in a 12-panel digipak with full lyrics and artwork.