Nissan Cima is First Produced

The Nissan Cima is a large luxury sedan produced by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

for the Japanese market. The car's name is derived from Spanish for "summit". The hood ornament uses an image of an acanthus leaf. The acanthus leaf was commonly used by classical Greeks to make a wreath for use as a crown.

The Cima has traditionally been the Nissan offering to the Toyota Crown Majesta since its introduction. The Cima in the first two generations was a more luxurious and larger version of the Cedric and Gloria, with the Cima sharing the V8 engine from the President, with later generations being the shorter version of the larger President. The Cima is larger than the Nissan Fuga.

Up until 1989, the Japanese tax bracket dictated a division point at the car being 4700mm long, 1700mm wide, with a 2 liter engine. Both the Nissan Cedric/Nissan Gloria and its archrival, the Toyota Crown were stretched to this very limit. When rumors came that Toyota was developing a larger, wider extension of the Crown, called the Crown Majesta Nissan acted hastily and could not get the wide version ready for the narrow version's launch in June 1987. The half-year gap in development, however, brought about many changes in design. This generation was manufactured as a 4 door hardtop, with no B-pillar between the front and rear side glass windows.

The Y31 Cima is available with a 200 horsepower (149 kW) VG30DE or a 255 horsepower (190 kW) turbocharged VG30DET. The turbocharged version was especially popular, leading the Japanese media to coin the term "the Cima phenomenon". The Cedric Cima was sold at dealerships where the Nissan Laurel could be found in Japan, and the Gloria Cima was sold at Nissan dealerships that sold the Nissan Skyline. The Cima was available with an air suspension.

The original development team of Nissan, Toyota Crown start listening to the development of information and has developed a version number, in relation to development time Cedric / Gloria and the simultaneous release of the delayed release in six months unable was. However, the six-month delay and Cedric / exceptional images with significantly changed by the impression that Gloria, and number 3 was successful in differentiating the crown of the same image number. Kamakura design motifs (Hase) of Buddha. SOE to be proud of the hood emblem is the imitation of the acanthus leaves.

The high dynamic performance and stylish appearance of a domestic car away, the same class as domestic sedan was a popular element as a strong vehicle for the extraordinary general motorist. Even more than a supple ride quality of the electronic air suspension, acceleration figures show that if the violence and calm down the rear RASHIKU SEMITORERINGUAMUSASUPENSHON MIKONDA the accelerator and when the couple was longing, explosive sold out. This is a "phenomenon Cima," the three trigger a boom in car number. Toyota to respond to it as the crown was hastily added a V8 model. Layer for a memorable impression, but also to line up the car with the turbo model and then gradually with each generation and become as strong as the cheap version.

Often used in company vehicles or private taxis from the case and the economic situation of the time while the car was a challenge to residents to leave the seat after use.

As a police car, donated by local unions in the police car in traffic, Shizuoka police have been deployed ITA事.

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August 1989, Type II Limited after minor changes are added to a multi-AV. Sunroof fitted simultaneously to the antenna on the roof of the navigation. Many options are available Luxury car symbolizes other bubble

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