Blue Öyster Cult releases Imaginos

Imaginos is a 1988 concept album by Blue Öyster Cult.

The "Imaginos" concept was originally begun by producer Sandy Pearlman in 1967, before BÖC was even formed. Drummer Albert Bouchard began writing music for it following the release of the band's first album in 1972. Two "Imaginos" songs appeared on the 1974 album, Secret Treaties; "Astronomy" and "Subhuman" (retitled as "Blue Öyster Cult" on Imaginos). The remaining tracks were written during the following years, and in 1982, after Albert Bouchard left the band, he set about recording the songs for the project with the arranging help of Tommy Morrongiello. The as-imagined album and the as-released album bore little relation to each other. Comments from Bouchard and other band members suggest that the project was originally intended to span two or more albums. However, CBS would only release the record as a BÖC album, and even then only in an abridged format, so it was shelved until 1988, when it was released by the then-current line-up of the band, without Bouchard's involvement.

The album entered the Billboard Top 200 on August 19, 1988, peaked at 122 and exited the charts on October 8. It was given a rerelease on Sony's American Beat Records label on January 8, 2008, with corrected credits.