Wayne Gretzky Marries Janet Jones

It was when Gretzky was celebrity judge on Dance Fever that he met his future wife, American actress Janet Jones.

According to Wayne, Janet does not recall him being on the show. They met regularly after that, but did not become a couple until 1987 when they ran into each other at a Los Angeles Lakers game that Wayne and Alan Thicke were attending. Wayne proposed in January 1988, and they were married on 17 July 1988 in a lavish ceremony the Canadian press dubbed "The Royal Wedding". Broadcast live throughout Canada from Edmonton's St. Joseph's Basilica, members of the Fire Department acted as guards at the church steps. The event reportedly cost Gretzky over US$1 million. Gretzky obtained American citizenship, and has resided in the United States ever since.

Wayne married Janet Jones Gretzky after he had been traded to the LA Kings, but they first met when he was still in Edmonton.

Some people even claim that firm Janet Jones Gretzky is to blame for breaking up the greatest team in hockey history, but I don't think that is true. I think it was Pocklington who forced Wayne to leave the Oil.

Firm Janet Jones Gretzky was a well known actress even before she met Wayne and her glory still hasn't faded. These are just a few of the movies she has played in, with Police Acadamey as my personal favorite:

League of Their Own (1992), Police Academy 5 (1988), American Anthem (1986) and Flamingo Kid (1984). Firm Janet Jones Gretzky has also starred in television show Dance Fever.

It's a love story of royal proportions. Edmontonians have come out in droves to see their favourite hero marry American actress Janet Jones. It is one of the biggest events in the city's history. As seen in this CBC Television footage, well-wishers have lined every inch of the route from the church to the reception. Hockey stars Gordie Howe and Paul Coffey, along with actor Alan Thicke, a longtime friend, provide some of the glitz but much of it comes in the form of Gretzky's new bride. Jones looks every inch the Hollywood celebrity in an elaborate wedding dress.