Ministry release The Land of Rape and Honey

The Land of Rape and Honey is the third studio album by industrial metal band Ministry, released in 1988 on Sire Records.

The image on the cover appears to be an electronically processed version of a photo of a burned corpse in the Leipzig-Thekla sub-camp of Buchenwald. This album is the first to take full steps onto the grounds of industrial metal, as opposed to their previous electronic music albums.

The album title comes from the slogan of Tisdale, Saskatchewan, whose motto is "The Land of Rape and Honey", the local economy being based on the agricultural products rapeseed and honey. The band chose the name after seeing the slogan on a souvenir mug.

The track "Stigmata" is featured in Richard Stanley's 1990 science fiction thriller Hardware, although the band shown apparently performing the track is actually Gwar.

The album was certified Gold by the RIAA in January 1996. The album was out of print for a few years in the early 2000s, but was re-issued by Wounded Bird Records in 2007. This re-issue is misprinted, labeling the title track "The Land of Milk and Honey."