Overkill releases the !!!Fuck You!!! EP

!!!Fuck You!!! is an EP released by thrash metal band Overkill in 1987.

Consisting of a cover version of the song "Fuck You" (originally by The Stiffs), the EP also featured 5 live tracks recorded at The Phantasy Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio. Long out of print, the EP is now extremely rare, but was re-released in 1997 with extra tracks as !!!Fuck You!!! and Then Some.

The 1990 CD and cassette tape re-issue was sold with a reversible cover art booklet. The visible side when sold in the stores was a simple field of white with the band's logo, the album name reading as !!!**** You!!!, with a subhead that read "The Record THEY tried to ban". A Parental Advisory logo appeared in the lower right corner. The original cover art was able to be used if the booklet was opened and reversed by creasing the cover the opposite way.