Bad Street Brawler is Released for the NES

Bad Street Brawler was designed to be used with the Nintendo Power Glove, and they go well together since neither of them work.

In the game, you controlled, or if you used the Power Glove, did your best to control "DUKE DAVIS, former punk rocker and the world's coolest martial arts vigilante!" It's up to you to fight your way through streets killing whatever puppies and tiny circus strongmen you run into. And right down to the banana-throwing gorillas, it's a perfect recreation of real life bad streets.

The NES version of the game has come under criticism by a number of people for its questionable design. Perhaps partially due to the limits of the NES controller or Power Glove, the protagonist can only use a few different moves in every stage, most used for specific tasks in that stage (the "trip" move, for example, can be used to give dogs belly-rubs), making Bad Street Brawler somewhat monotonous to watch and play. Electronic Gaming Monthly columnist Seanbaby named it both one of the worst NES games and worst video games of all time. The game is also argued to have bizarre homosexual undertones by certain critics at such sites as Something Awful, due somewhat to Duke's loud clothes, but mostly to the awkward appearance of many attacks. The "bull ram" attack often appears to be a headbutt to enemies' crotches, while the "trip" move can be seen as massaging the genitals of enemies. However, the game does not take itself very seriously, so it is possible that some of its negative aspects are intentional.