Suicidal Tendencies release Join the Army

Join the Army is the second album by Suicidal Tendencies, and was released in 1987 – 4 years after their self-titled debut.

It is one of the most well known albums for crossing over the genres of punk and metal, known as thrash. Mike Muir used vastly different vocal techniques and range compared to their debut album (sometimes sounding similar to Lemmy from Motörhead). Original guitarist Grant Estes had been replaced by Jon Nelson in 1984, who was then soon replaced by Rocky George, who influenced the change of the band's sound into the thrash direction. Original drummer Amery Smith was replaced by R.J. Herrera, who used the particularly metal drum feature of double kick. The album was produced by Lester Claypool (not to be confused with Les Claypool of the band Primus).

"Possessed to Skate" preceded the album's release as a single, which also had a music video created for it. The video heavily features old school skateboarding tricks, and as such is considered a classic visual period piece of skateboarding.

"War Inside My Head" is featured in the game Guitar Hero: Metallica. "Possessed to Skate" is featured in the game Skate 2. "Suicidal Maniac" was covered by Hatebreed on their 2009 release For The Lions.