"A Garfield Christmas" Premieres

A Garfield Christmas is the sixth half-hour animated special based on the Garfield comic strip.

It features the voice and music talent that is common in Garfield animated specials including Lorenzo Music (the voice of Garfield) and Lou Rawls (provides the songs). The special was first broadcast on CBS on December 21, 1987. A Garfield Christmas has earned a place in the Christmas television special canon and has enjoyed traditional holiday-time airings on the network since its premiere, until 2000. For most of its time on CBS it was paired back-to-back with A Charlie Brown Christmas, which, like the Garfield specials, was produced by Lee Mendelson.

CBS, which aired a wide variety of Christmas specials including Garfield through the 1990s, dropped the rights to the special in 2000 (along with many others). The rights were picked up by Fox (as part of the deal that allowed for the production of the Garfield feature film), but that network did not air the special. However, they did release the special on DVD.

ABC Family purchased the rights to A Garfield Christmas in 2008; the special aired on cable television for the first time that year as a part of the network's annual 25 Days of Christmas marathon. However, the special has not aired on ABC Family's co-owned broadcast network, ABC.