Sega Releases Alex Kidd in Miracle World for the Master System

Alex Kidd in Miracle World (アレックスキッドのミラクルワールド?) is a platform game for the 8-bit Sega Master System video game console.

It was first released in Japan on November 1, 1986. It became the most recognised game in the Alex Kidd series, partly due to it being built into most Master System consoles.

Set hundreds of years ago, on the planet Aries a boy by the name of Alex Kidd lived on Mt. Eternal. After Alex had trained in the Shellcore technique (the use of which enables one to shatter rocks with his bare fists), Janken the Great captured Prince Egle (sometimes referred to as "Igul"), and his fiancée Princess Lora, in order to overthrow the kingdom of Radaxian after the disappearance of its ruler King Thunder. Alex came across a dying man one day who told him of the land of Radaxian which was in grave danger. Along the way Alex is informed he is actually part of the Radaxian royal family. Alex Kidd sets out to rescue his brother Egle, defeat Janken, and find out the whereabouts of his father, the King and save the land.

After producing many games for early home video game consoles, Sega decided to develop a console system of its own. The SG-1000 and Mark III were available in Japan in the mid-1980s, but when Sega witnessed the early success of the Nintendo Entertainment System, the company knew it wanted a share of the American console market. So, Sega redesigned the Mark III, renamed it the Sega Master System (SMS for short), and released it in 1986, not long after the NES first came out.