Joe Satriani Releases "Not of This Earth"

Not of This Earth is the first full album by instrumental rock solo artist Joe Satriani.

Numerous tracks off this album are still played live by Satriani.

The original artwork used for the first pressing of this album has been lost, and has since been replaced with the alternate cover shown below. This artwork has been used for all releases onto CD. Also noteworthy, the guitar Joe is pictured with on the cover (an Ibanez 540P), was never actually used by Joe, and rather was "a promo shot that got too much press" according to Satriani.

Another pressing was made onto blue vinyl, which was most likely limited to 1000 copies.

A few features distinguish this album from his others. Electronic drums are used throughout, instead of Satriani's usual acoustic drums. The first track "Not of This Earth" utilizes an unusual compositional technique he titles "Pitch Axis Theory", which consists of shifting modes underneath a pedal tone (in this case E). "The Headless Horseman" is a piece performed entirely by left and right-handed finger tapping.

The piece "The Engimatic" uses the enigmatic scale.

Not of this Earth was re-issued numerous times in different covers and labels. The album was released on CD for the first time 1988 and re-issued again nine years later on Epic Records along with his entire catalogue. The Relativity Records version is now out of print.

This album is included in Joe Satriani Original Album Classics box set, released by Epic Records in 2008.

Track Listing:

All songs written by Joe Satriani except where noted.

Side one

1. "Not of This Earth" – 3:55
2. "The Snake" – 4:40
3. "Rubina" – 5:50
4. "Memories" (Satriani, John Cuniberti) – 4:00
5. "Brother John" – 2:07

Side two

1. "The Enigmatic" – 3:25
2. "Driving at Night" – 3:30
3. "Hordes of Locusts" – 4:55
4. "New Day" – 3:56
5. "The Headless Horseman" – 1:50