Guns N' Roses release Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide

Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide is a four-song EP released by the American hard rock band Guns N' Roses on December 16, 1986 on the label, UZI Suicide.

(This was ostensibly a self-released record but UZI Suicide was actually part of Geffen Records.) When referred to by the band members talking about the EP, they have simply called it Live Like a Suicide. The record itself was reportedly limited to only 10,000 copies, and it came out only in vinyl and cassette formats. All four tracks were not actually performed live in front of an audience, rather they were studio recordings that had crowd sounds added in later. One song considered for this EP was Shadow of Your Love, which never made it onto the album. In 1988, the recordings featured on Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide were re-released along with four newer songs as the album G N' R Lies.