Savatage release Power of the Night

Power of the Night is the third album by the heavy metal band Savatage and was released in 1985.

This record was produced by the hot producer of the time, Max Norman, who became better known as the producer of Megadeth's 1992 hit album Countdown to Extinction.

The record was not originally pressed with a Parental Advisory sticker on the cover. However, Atlantic Records did have a problem with some of the sexual metaphors mentioned in "Hard for Love" and "Skull Session." It was also a marketing ploy to encourage more people to buy the record as a result of it being "banned" by some outlets.

This was bassist Keith Collins's last album with the band. Jon and Criss Oliva were not completely happy with Keith's playing and corrected some of his mistakes for the final version. Keith was to be replaced by Johnny Lee Middleton in 1986.