"Lost In America" Is Released

Lost in America is a 1985 comedy film directed by Albert Brooks and was co-written by Brooks with Monica McGowan Johnson.

Brooks stars alongside Julie Hagerty as David and Linda Howard, yuppies who are fed up with their lifestyle. They decide to take their savings and head out to see the country in a Winnebago, a recreational vehicle. The plan goes awry when Linda loses everything playing roulette at a casino in Las Vegas. Out of money and with nowhere to go, the couple ends up in Safford, Arizona. Brooks' character unsuccessfully applies for a delivery job at a local pharmacy and resorts to an employment agency. Obnoxiously reminded by a counselor about his high-paying job in advertising, David is placed as a crossing guard. Linda has meanwhile found employment as the assistant manager at the local Der Wienerschnitzel. Only a few days after beginning their pursuit of the dream of dropping out of society, they decide that it is better to get back their old lifestyle and agree to head to New York to look for work again in the corporate world.

Bored with their cushy suburban existence, yuppie David (Albert Brooks) talks his wife Linda (Julie Hagerty) into selling everything they own and hitting the road to "see America." As a starting-over gesture, David and Linda are romantically remarried in Las Vegas -- which, ironically, proves to be the beginning of the end of their idyll. In short order, Linda loses their life's savings, the couple nearly self-destructs at Hoover Dam, they take blue-collar jobs in a go-nowhere Arizona town, and....Well, if you know your Albert Brooks, be prepared for a steady stream of manic social satire. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide