Rome and Vienna airport attacks

The Rome and Vienna airport attacks were two major terrorist attacks carried out on December 27, 1985.

On that day at 08:15 GMT, four gunmen walked to the ticket counter of Israel's El Al Airlines and Trans World Airlines at Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport near Rome, Italy, and opened fire with assault rifles and grenades. They killed 16 people and wounded 99 others before three of them were killed. The remaining one was shot and captured by police.

Minutes later, at the Schwechat Airport (Vienna International Airport) in Vienna, Austria, three terrorists carried out a similar attack. Hand grenades were thrown towards crowds of passengers queuing to check-in for a flight to Tel Aviv. The terrorists killed two people and wounded 39 others. The terrorists then fled the airport by car, and Austrian police gave chase. They killed one terrorist and captured the other two.

In all, the attacks killed 18, including a child, and wounded around 140. Some reports said that the original plan of the gunmen was to hijack El Al jets from the airports and blow them up over Tel Aviv; others said that firing at the ticket counters was the plan and that Frankfurt's airport was to be hit as well.