The Boy Scouts of America Introduce 'Varsity Scouting' Program

As a Varsity Scout I, will: Live by the Scout Oath (Promise), Law, motto, and slogan; Honor the dignity and worth of all persons; Promote the cause of freedom; and Do my best to be a good team member.”

— Varsity Scout Guidebook, 2000 Edition

Varsity Scouting is part of the Boy Scouting program of the BSA. It is an alternative available to boys ages fourteen to eighteen that takes the basic Boy Scouting program and adds high adventure, sporting, and other elements that are more appealing to older youth to accomplish the aims of character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. Varsity Scouts are organized into teams, which are separate chartered units from a Boy Scout troop.

Varsity Scouts may participate in the BSA advancement system for troops and also have their own recognitions. Their uniform is slightly different. The number of Varsity Scouts is small, but has shown recent increases.

The Varsity Scout program is much like the Boy Scout program. However, it has five fields of emphasis: Advancement, High Adventure/Sports, Personal Development, Service, and Special Programs/Events. Each team has a youth member called a program manager in charge of each area. While not explicitly sports oriented, Varsity Scout Teams can and do participate in sporting events, but they don't have to be.

While the program is basically similar to Boy Scout troops, its focus on more advanced programming in the areas of outdoors and sports would lead to them using some additional literature from the Boy Scout program.