George Segal Completes the Holocaust Memorial at California Palace of the Legion of Honor

George Segal's public sculpture, "The Holocaust," sits in Legion of Honor Park in San Francisco overlooking a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.

Often visitors find the sculpture an unexpected intrusion on the view, and an unfriendly reminder to one of the most significant genocides of the 20th century. Segal's outwork work is executed in bronze and painted white. It has been the subject of grafitti, but Segal mentioned, at a 1998 conference at Notre Dame University, that he did not find this a problem since grafitti was a reminder that problems of prejudice have not been solved.

The Holocaust Memorial at California Palace of the Legion of Honor is a Holocaust memorial in San Francisco, California. The memorial was made out of bronze and later painted in white by George Segal. The memorial is overlooking San Francisco Bay.

One of the bodies resembles Christ, who was just taken of the cross. Another body of a woman is holding an apple in her arm. Both of the statues symbolize connection between Jews and Christians since Biblical time and during the Holocaust. Jesus was a Jew and suffered as they did. The only standing man might have been the sculptor representation of Margaret Bourke-White's famous Life Magazine 1945 photograph of the liberation of Buchenwald.

The memorial was vandalised many times. The graffiti with swastikas inside the Star of Davids were painted.The red paint was spread over the statues. Segal himself said the continued vandalism is a good reminder that a problem with antisemitism has not been solved yet.