Ali Abdelsoud Mohammed Makes His Mark

Ali Abdelsoud Mohammed, a double agent for the United States and Egypt, had served as the guide for Ayman Zawahiri when he came to America to solicit funds for al-Jihad in 1993.

He had experience in the Egyptian Army, and was given the task of penetrating American intelligence for al-Qaeda benefit by Zawahiri.

In 1984, he tried to enter the CIA branch in Cairo, Egypt, but was thought to be espionage by Egyptian intelligence. However, he was given a job in Germany as an intelligence officer, but was quickly terminated.

Mohammed re-entered the US, although he was placed on a no entry list by the CIA. He enlisted into the US Army, and started slipping American maps and training manuals off of the North Carolina base he was stationed. He provided al-Qaeda with the information, and they later used it in attacks against the US.

He used his trainings in the American Armed Forces to train al-Qaeda jihads in military warfare, like kidnappings, assassinations and hijacking planes. Among members of his classes were Osama bin Laden, El Sayyid Nosair, and Ayman Zawahiri.

In 1993, Mohammed was questioned by the FBI about his involvement with al-Qaeda and bin Laden. He admitted that he was training the members in hijacking and espionage, and revealed bin Laden's claims of overtaking Saudi Arabia. Although his knowledge and involvement about this terroristic threat was in depth, in addition with him being a CIA officer, none of the officers that interviewed him seem alarmed or even related this information to superiors. He was later prosecuted for his involvement in the Kenyan Embassy attacks, and revealed information to the inner workings of al-Qaeda.