Alex Power First Appears

Alex Power is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.

He first appeared in Power Pack #1 and was created by Louise Simonson and June Brigman

Alex was introduced in Power Pack Vol.1 issue 1, where he took the name Gee (the phonetic pronounciation of the letter 'g') after attaining gravity-manipulating powers. He swapped powers with his sister Katie in issue 25, after which Alex took the name Destroyer until issue 52, when he obtained his brother Jack's power to manipulate his own mass and took the name Mass Master from that point until Power Pack's cancellation with issue 62 (it is also later established that Alex was replaced with a doppleganger at some indeterminate point after becoming Mass Master). In the Power Pack Holiday Special, he regained his original gravity-manipulating powers and nickname, and presumably continued under this pseudonym until he resurfaced in New Warriors issues 47-51, in a storyline written by former Power Pack editor Fabian Nicieza which saw Alex steal his siblings' powers for himself and adopt the name Power Pax. Continuing as a periphery cast-member of the New Warriors, he sporadically appeared in their adventures (see bibliography at bottom of page for relevant issues) and renamed himself Powerhouse before deciding - after blaming himself for the destruction of his family's sentient starship Friday - to rejoin Power Pack and return their powers to them. Resurfacing with the rest of his family in a 4-issue miniseries published in 2000, Alex had taken the name Zero-G at some point during the team's 4-year publishing hiatus, and also created a new costume. With the end of that miniseries, Alex was not seen again until he appeared on the cover of Avengers: The Initiative #1 (in his Zero-G costume) as one of 150 Marvel superheroes either involved with, or being cinsidered as potential recruits by the Fifty State Initiative. He appeared in Civil War: Battle Damage Report as a potential recruit (named as Powerhouse, not Zero-G - possibly having changed his name once again), but this book featured no original comic book material, and his picture was cropped from an issue of the 2000 miniseries. It is stated by his sister Julie that she was speaking to him on the phone during a scene in The Loners #1, but he is not seen or heard.

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