Twisted Sister release Stay Hungry

Stay Hungry is the third album by American heavy metal band Twisted Sister.

Released on May 10, 1984, the album features the band's two biggest hits, "We're Not Gonna Take It" and "I Wanna Rock" and the power ballad "The Price." According to RIAA certification, Stay Hungry gained Multi-Platinum status with U.S. sales of more than 3,000,000 copies.

Twisted Sister performed the song "Burn in Hell" during a cameo appearance in the 1985 film Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. The song "Burn In Hell" was covered by black metal band Dimmu Borgir on Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia. "We're Not Gonna Take It" was also covered by Bif Naked on the Ready to Rumble soundtrack. The two songs that comprise the Horror-Teria segment became the basis of Twisted Sister lead-singer Dee Snider's 1999 film Strangeland, in which Captain Howdy was played by Snider himself. The "Captain Howdy" segment of the "Horror-teria" suite would later be covered by the death metal group Broken Hope on their album Repulsive Conception.

In 2004, the band re-recorded the tracks from this album and re-released them under the title Still Hungry.

In 2009, the band played "Stay Hungry" in its entirety for the first time including songs never played before, such as "Don't Let Me Down" and Horror-Teria: Street Justice.