Steve Vai Releases "Flex-Able"

Flex-Able is an album by Steve Vai.

This was his first as a solo artist, and was created in Stucco Blue, a shed converted into a studio in Vai's old back garden. It is very different than many of his other albums, and is largely influenced by Frank Zappa. Thus, some people[who?] feel it is only an album for die-hard Vai fans. Flex-Able is not as based around massive guitar arrangements and shred moments as the rest of his output from the 1990s onwards, with the exception of 'Leftovers' which is a compilation of bonus tracks and remasters from his sessions at 'Stucco Blue'.

Original Track Listing:

Side one

1. "Little Green Men" – 5:39
2. "Viv Woman" – 3:09
3. "Lovers Are Crazy" – 5:39
4. "Salamanders in the Sun" – 2:26
5. "The Boy-Girl Song" – 4:02

Side two

1. "The Attitude Song" – 3:23
2. "Call it Sleep" – 5:09
3. "Junkie" – 7:23
4. "Bill's Private Parts" – 0:16
5. "Next Stop Earth" – 0:34
6. "There's Something Dead in Here" – 3:46