Ministry release With Sympathy

With Sympathy is the debut album by Ministry.

The album was released in 1983 through Arista Records, with Ministry's members at the time being Alain Jourgensen and Stephen George. Singer Jourgensen was supposedly pressured into making the album in the "synthpop" style by Arista management, which is in contrast to the harder sound he developed as his career continued. However, there are several reports of Jourgensen saying in the eighties how he discovered "hardcore", which changed his musical direction, and became ashamed of putting out a "synthpop" album. Jourgensen assumes a false British accent for all of the songs. This album was also released as Work for Love under BMG in Europe (with the same cover). There is a video available for "Revenge", which was one of three singles pulled from the album, the others being "Work for Love" and "I Wanted to Tell Her".

With Sympathy was Ministry's only album for Arista.

The album is to be reissued with three bonus tracks, but the release has been delayed.