Pink Floyd releases The Final Cut

The Final Cut is a concept album written by Roger Waters, performed by Pink Floyd and recorded at studios around the United Kingdom from July to December 1982.

The album was released in the United Kingdom on 21 March 1983 by Harvest Records and in the United States by Columbia Records.

Pink Floyd released a 19-minute Final Cut video EP, essentially four music videos in a continuous sequence, directed by Willie Christie, who was Waters' brother-in-law. The running order was 'The Gunner's Dream', 'The Final Cut', 'Not Now John', and 'The Fletcher Memorial Home'. The film is now available on the band's web site. English actor Alex McAvoy, who played the teacher in the film version of The Wall, had a prominent role in the video EP, apparently reprising the same role. The video is conceptual, rather than merely a collection of music videos, and offers a glimpse of the teacher's life outside the school, attempting to come to terms with his experiences during World War Two while his son goes off to fight in the Falklands. Other characters from the album also put in an appearance in the video, such as the prostitute from 'Your Possible Pasts' and Margaret Thatcher (portrayed by a lookalike). Roger Waters appears (though all but his mouth is silhouetted) as a patient singing the lyrics to a psychologist on the grounds of the Fletcher Memorial Home (possibly intended to represent the character Pink from The Wall). For more details on the individual videos, see the individual entries for each of the songs included.