Alice Cooper releases Zipper Catches Skin

Zipper Catches Skin is an album by Alice Cooper, released in 1982.

Produced by Cooper and his bassist at the time, Erik Scott, Zipper Catches Skin is musically known for its dry and energetic pop-rock style with punk rock and post-punk influences and less emphasis on hard riffs, carrying on a similar musical direction of the preceding Special Forces with sonically slicker and clearer results. Lyrically, Cooper employed a much stronger focus on comical sarcasm. However, although the album saw the return of guitarist Dick Wagner to Cooper's band, it is generally not considered to be up to the same standard as his previous works.

Despite the worldwide release of the accompanying single "I Am the Future" the album did not chart in most countries, including in the US where it became Cooper's first not to chart since Easy Action. The album's front cover, featuring just the album's lyrics with a smear of blood rather than exploiting the vivid imagery suggestive of the album's name, would not have helped the situation.

Zipper Catches Skin and the following album, DaDa, are two albums which Alice reportedly has no recollection of recording, due to excessive alcohol abuse. Dick Wagner described Zipper Catches Skin as "the off to the races speedy album" and a "drug induced nightmare". There was no tour to promote the album, and none of its songs have ever been played live.