North Yemen Earthquake

The 1982 North Yemen earthquake was a magnitude 6.0 earthquake that hit near the city of Dhamar, North Yemen (now part of Yemen) on December 13 1982.

It was the first instrumentally recorded earthquake in the Dhamar region. As many as 2,800 people were killed and 1,500 injured.

Unconfirmed reports of more than 2,800 people killed, 1,500 injured, 700,000 homeless and about 300 villages destroyed or badly damaged in Yemen. Maximum intensity VIII in the Dawran-Risabah area. Felt throughout Yemen and in the Najran area, Saudi Arabia. Landslides occurred in the epicentral area, as well as extensional ground cracks trending north-northwest in zones up to 15 km in length. This is the first instrumentally located hypocenter in the Dhamar region. The focal mechanims is poorly controlled and corresponds to normal faulting.

The Dhamar earthquake of 13 December 1982 affected a large area of northern Yemen and caused great damage and loss of life. ModifiedMercalli intensitiesofVIII were reported over a wide area north of Dhamar. While the magnitude of this event was not particularly large (MW = 6.28), the extensiv effects e damage and surface for this event can be attributed to the shallow focal depth of 7.0 km. Indeed the shallow depth of the rupture was confirmed by aftershock locations. Analysis of broadband teleseismic P waveforms indicates that the rupture was complex with two sub-events occurring on roughly parallel fault planes, with hypocenters separated by 7.5 km and offset in time by 3.0 seconds .