Grateful Dead Releases Dead Set

Dead Set is a live album by the Grateful Dead.

It was released in August 1981 on Arista.

The album contains live material recorded between September and October 1980 in a variety of venues. Most CD pressings omitted the track "Space" so the entire album could fit on one CD. However, "Space" was included when the album was later rereleased as part of the 2004 Beyond Description boxset, as well as on one CD in 2006. The 2006 release also included a bonus CD of live material.

Dead Set is essentially the electric brother of the acoustic Reckoning: both of the albums come from the same recorded concerts. It was originally intended for both of the albums to be one double record set, but due to the lengthiness of many of the Grateful Dead's electric tunes, it was decided to separately release the material.