'Pontoffel Pock, Where Are You?' airs on ABC

The Dr. Seuss story Pontoffel Pock is fully animated in this 1980 program.

Pontoffel comes across a magic piano which, with the help of a fairy named McGillicuddy, can send him anywhere he wants to go. His travels show him a way to get his job pack at the pickle factory. The music by Joe Raposo sets the scene with "Pull on the Pullem, Push on the Pushem" and "I'm Flying Free." As usual, Dr. Seuss provides his insightful rhyme. This little known sing-along teaches that home is where you find it.

Pontoffel Pock, a bumbling and jobless man, wishes that he could get away from it all after being fired from working at a dill pickle factory (he pushed the "pull-em" and pulled the "push-em," devices for placing pickles into jars). Fortunately, a male fairy named McGillicuddy appears and says, "Pontoffel Pock, your wish has been heard, and your wish has been granted." McGillicuddy and his fairy associates, Humboldt and Higbee (and later on, Hoikendorf), give him a magical flying piano that takes him anywhere in the world. To do so, Pontoffel Pock plays these six very simple notes (C, C, C, D, D#, E) and then he chooses a destination by pressing one of many differently-colored buttons, which fly him to his destination. His first stop is Groogen (based on Switzerland).

Later, after getting into trouble with the Groogenites (after unknowingly getting a Floogle-Horn "Ga-Busted"), he is gunned down by their "Goomy Gun", which fires multi-colored paint, that turns his piano yellow and causes its motor to lose power. He plummets downward, but at the last second Pontoffel "twitches the Homing Pigeon Switch" that sends him and the piano home. After being given another chance, he goes to Casbahmopolis (based on The Middle East), where he falls in love with a girl named Neepha Pheepha, a famous eyeball dancer who dislikes her job of dancing for the Sultan, and, like Pontoffel, wants to "get away from it all". Unfortunately, Pontoffel and Neepha Pheepha can't get home because the homing pigeon switch had been broken by a palace guard. When they decide to go somewhere else, Neepha Pheepha slips off the piano, so Pontoffel has to go to several places (which are based on many real places such as the North Pole, the Congo region, Spain, Japan, and others) to find her.

The fairies look for him by song: "Pontoffel Pock, Where The Heck Are You?" Finally, Pontoffel remembers where Neepha Pheepha is and goes straight to her. They are escorted home together on the piano, and for proving his worth Pontoffel is rehired as a Dill Pickle factory employee along with Neepha Pheepha.