What Happened in Nov 1980

  • Zork I Released

    Zork: The Great Underground Empire - Part I, later known as Zork I, is an interactive fiction computer game written by Marc Blank, Dave Lebling,... Read more

  • Reagan Wins the 1980 US Presidential Election

    After receiving the Republican nomination, Reagan selected one of his primary opponents, George H.W. Bush, to be his running mate. His showing in... Read more

  • Bill Clinton loses re-election bid for Arkansas Governor

    Later that year, in a close election, Governor Clinton lost the race for a second term to Republican Frank White. Feeling that he had not... Read more

  • The Eagles release Eagles Live

    Eagles Live is the first live album by the American rock band Eagles, a two-LP set released in 1980. The Eagles disbanded on July 31, 1980 after... Read more

  • Motörhead release Ace of Spades

    Ace of Spades is the fourth album by the British band Motörhead. Released on 8 November 1980, it peaked at #4 on the UK album charts and reached... Read more

  • Raging Bull is Released

    Raging Bull is a 1980 American biographical film directed by Martin Scorsese, adapted by Paul Schrader and Mardik Martin from the memoir Raging... Read more

  • MGM Grand Hotel Fire

    On the morning of November 21, 1980, 85 people died and more than 700 were injured as a result of a fire at the MGM Grand Hotel. This was the... Read more

  • Irpinia Earthquake

    The earthquake had a magnitude (Ms) of 6.8 to 7.0 with a focal depth of 20 km. The area of severest shaking (Modified Mercalli Intensity X) was... Read more