Aretha Franklin Releases "La Diva"

La Diva is an Aretha Franklin album released in 1979.

In an attempt to make a comeback, Franklin decided to record a Disco-oriented album with the help of Van McCoy. Unfortunately, it was released just as a Disco music was running its course and New Wave was becoming the new musical trend.

The album was a commercial failiure. It peaked at #146 on Billboard's album chart and sold less than 100,000 copies in the United States. It stands as the lowest charting and poorest selling album of Aretha's entire Atlantic Records catalogue. None of the album's single releases charted. La Diva marked the end of Aretha's 12-year tenure with Atlantic. This album was recorded at Aretha's vocal peak, and features 3 of her own compositions, including a composition by her son Clarence Franklin.

To date, the album has never been issued on compact disc and is out of print.