Blue Öyster Cult releases Mirrors

Mirrors is the sixth studio album by Blue Öyster Cult, released in 1979 (see 1979 in music). The album is notable for a collaboration with British fantasy/science-fiction author Michael Moorcock who co-wrote a song based on his novel "The Fireclown". "The Great Sun Jester" is the first of several Moorcock co-writing credits with the band.

After the success of 1976's Platinum Agents of Fortune, 1977's Platinum Spectres and 1978's Platinum live effort Some Enchanted Evening, the fact that Mirrors struggled to reach Gold status was disappointing to band and label alike. According to interviews with the band and the production staff, the intent for this album was to make a high charting and glossy production, however the backlash felt from this attempt is a reason for their future pairing with Martin Birch, and their attempt to return to a darker sound.

In Thee was written by Allen Lanier. It went in to the chart at 71. A live version is featured on their 1998 album Heaven Forbid, it features two acoustic guitars and was a popular "in concert" moment from this era. The line "Jim says some destinies should not be delivered" references the Jim Carroll Band song "Day and Night."