Emilcin Abduction

When he got out of the thickets, he noticed two beings walking along the path.

The beings jumped over a stretch of mud. One of them did not do it not quite well it and left a peculiar print (shoe?) on the mud. Wolski passed by the beings, while they kept themselves on both sides of the track. Suddenly they jumped into Wolski’s cart. He then noticed their characteristic features: greenish faces, slanting eyes, a slit instead of mouth, black uniforms (slightly similar to those of scuba divers), and little “fins” between their fingers. They also had high-pitched voices and proceeded to talk to each other in an extremely fast speech, and in a language unknown to Wolski. First, the farmer thought they were Chinese who – for some reason – had their faces painted in green.

When the cart with Wolski and two passengers neared to a forest clearing, the man saw an strange aerial object hovering in the air. Soon he was taken onboard… It is worth to say that the unidentified object passengers left some tracks on the ground while the strange craft was seen by other inhabitants of the Emilcin - the village that still holds one of the most intriguing riddles of UFO cases in Poland.