Kaikoura Lights

For some time, there had been a spate of UFO sightings in the area, and an investigation was called for.

As the Argosy soared over the Pacific Ocean, northeast of South Island, they had their first sighting of a UFO. One of the television film crew members Quentin Fogarty, stated that he saw a row of five bright lights which were pulsating and grew from the size of a pinpoint to that of a large balloon. The whole sequence was then repeated, the lights now appearing over the town of Kaikoura, between the aircraft and the ground.

New Zealand has a rich history of UFO sightings. Hansen says for some reason a high percentage of sightings have been around the central North Island and volcanic plateau.

New Zealand's most famous sighting was the "Kaikoura lights" in December 1978. On December 21 the crew of a cargo plane saw strange lighted objects around their aircraft. The lights tracked them for several minutes before disappearing and reappearing elsewhere. They appeared on Wellington air traffic control radar, on aircraft radar and were sighted by hundreds of people.