Marker erected in honor of Blind Tom Wiggins at Westmoreland Estate

The participants at the dedication of the Blind Tom marker at Westmoreland estate, on 10 Feb 1976, were Elnora Walker (left), Tom's niece and the only person I could find that had seen/been with him, Fredrick Dismuke (right), who owned Westmoreland, and LTC Donald L Hull (second from right), 34th Medical Battalion Commander. They were supposed to raise the cloth covering the tombstone. But at the last second, Therese Dismuke came out of the crowd and lifted the cloth herself and then stepped back into the crowd. It happened so fast that I don't think Mrs. Walker ever realized what had happened. I was laying under a cedar tree and snapped this picture just as it took place. I made another after Mrs Dismuke disappeared and that was used in the local paper. But I think this one tells a better story. Following the dedication ceremony Mrs Dismuke invited the all the attendees for a tour of Westmoreland and refreshments. Nothing was ever said or written about her participation in the ceremony.