1975 Ben Yehuda Street bombing

On Friday, July 4, 1975, a refrigerator that had five kilograms of explosives packed into its sides exploded on Zion Square, a main square leading to Ben Yehuda Street and to Jaffa Street.

Fifteen people were killed and 77 were injured. After the attack, Yitzhak Rabin, then prime minister, said: "The murder serves as a warning not to get caught up in illusions about the intentions of the terror organizations ... Therefore we must follow a strict policy of not negotiating with them. We must speak to them only in the language they understand, the language of the sword."

Ahmad El-Sukar, who was responsible for placing the bomb, was released from Israeli prison in 2003 as a gesture to Arafat.

Location: Zion Square, leading onto Ben Yehuda Street, Jerusalem
Attack type: time bomb
Deaths: 15
Injured: 77
Perpetrator(s): Ahmad El-Sukar