Gary Thain Dies

Gary Mervin Thain (15 May 1948 – 8 December 1975) was a rock bassist, best known for his work with British band, Uriah Heep.

Born in Christchurch, New Zealand, Thain was part of the rock trio The New Nadir, and with the drummer Peter Dawkins, he travelled from New Zealand to London, and once jammed with Jimi Hendrix before the trio split in 1969.

Thain joined the Keef Hartley Band and, in 1971, they toured with Uriah Heep; they asked him to join them (replacing Mark Clarke) in February 1972, and he stayed in the band until February 1975. He played on four studio albums: Demons & Wizards, The Magician's Birthday , Sweet Freedom and Wonderworld as well as their live album entitled, Uriah Heep Live.

During his last tour with Uriah Heep, Thain suffered an electric shock at the Moody Coliseum in Dallas, Texas on 15 September 1974, and was seriously injured. Due to his drug addiction he was not able to perform properly, and was fired by the band in early 1975 and replaced by former King Crimson bassist/vocalist, John Wetton. Thain died of respiratory failure due to a heroin overdose, on 8 December 1975, aged 27.