'There's A Wocket in my Pocket' is Published

There's a Wocket in My Pocket is a short childrens book by Dr. Seuss.

It features a little boy talking about what strange creatures live in his house, such as the yeps on the steps, the nooth grush on his toothbrush, the yottle in the bottle and the jertain in the curtain. The original story was published in 1974. The 1996 republish has been edited to remove some of the scarier creatures, including the vug under the rug.

Gently nudging readers to think about their environment, their habitat, and how everyone on the planet lives together in whimsical harmony is fantastic for children and adults alike. From nureaus in the bureaus to bellars in the cellars, readers are urged to imagine all kinds of creatures in all kinds of habitats all living together aware and unaware of each other. In addition to stretching the imagination and improving rhyming skills, readers gain an oblivious appreciation for society and its magical harmony.