'The Shape of Me and Other Stuff' is Published

Using silhouettes for illustrations, Dr. Seuss offers an entertaining lesson in learning shapes with this book.

By asking young readers to consider the shapes of beans, grapes, elephants, and even noses, attention to detail is learned along with the ability to recognize geometric shapes and difficult-to-define shapes. The end result is enhanced cognitive skills and an ever-expanding imagination.

In this delightful book, first published in 1973, kids are encouraged to ponder shapes they may never have considered before: "Just think about the shape of beans and flowers and mice and big machines!" Dr. Seuss's illustrations are in silhouette (for the purpose of accenting the outlines of figures), but are nonetheless up to par with his usual wacky, amusing style. Soaring well beyond the mundane arena of circles, triangles, and squares, here we are challenged to consider "the shape of camels... the shape of bees and the wonderful shapes of back door keys!" Kids will love the silly rhymes and funny pictures, and parents will appreciate this original take on the largely untapped world of shapes.