"Over-Nite Sensation" by Frank Zappa Is Released

Over-Nite Sensation is an album by Frank Zappa, released in 1973.

It was recorded in March – June 1973 at these studios: Bolic Sound in Inglewood, Whitney, in Glendale, and Paramount in Los Angeles. The album was released in both the 2-channel stereo and 4-channel quadraphonic formats.

The album is considered a turning point in Zappa's career, since its approach to music is very different from what he had done before. It was a more accessible sound - his first album to go gold - with a series of relatively straightforward songs, though not without Zappa's typical musical challenges. Zappa manages to craft in 3-to-6-minute structures complicated progressive jazz-rock arrangements, as well as some funk and other styles. The lyrics tend toward parody, being either about sex ("Dirty Love", "Camarillo Brillo", "Zomby Woof" and the paradigmatic example of "Dinah-Moe Humm") or social commentary ("I'm the Slime", a bash on TV programming) and others ("Fifty-Fifty", "Montana").

Over-Nite Sensation and the following album Apostrophe ('), recorded with the same group of musicians, are the subject of a Classic Albums series documentary from Eagle Rock Entertainment, released on DVD May 1, 2007.