Bangladesh Tornado of 1973

In one of the worst tornado tragedies to hit Bangladesh, 681 people were killed in the Manikganj subdivision of Dhaka district on 17 April 1973.

The details of this tornado were provided by both the Bangladesh Observer and Hasan. In Balurchar not a single dwelling was traceable according to the Prime Minister. This village was completely leveled. Almost all houses were leveled in the eight villages along the Kaliganga river. "Uprooted trees were cris-crossed and bodies were strewn all around. An unofficial death toll was over 1000. There were two funnels that merged together to form one large tornado that moved in a zig-zag path. A boat with 3 people was blown 1000 m from the bank. A pacca concrete structure that was 4.6 m high and 2.7 m in diameter was thrown a few meters from its original position.

The fourth deadliest occurred in Manikganj, Singair and Nawabganj in Bangladesh on April 17, 1973. 681 people lost their lives.

On April 17, 1973, another tornado in the Manikganj region had killed at least 681 people.